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How many grains of sand are there in the Universe after all?

Skándim-jän siðéna zálla skanníllï në ákut në lárme Féullë lër?
What is the numeral that indeed counts the magnitude of the grains (eyes) of sand in the Universe?
skánd -im =jän siðé -n:a záll -a
count(l2) -3sg.pres =emph digit(l2) -erg.sg which -erg.sg
skann -íllï =në áku -t =në
count(l3) -nmz -obl.sg =making_up eye -obl.pl =making_up
lármë Féullë =lër
sand -nom.sg Universe -obl.sg =inside

For each star in the sky that you can see, there is a myriad that you cannot.

Béghim gátšï në nervétis ágamghdínkäθ nérä zë lápät në nervénas.
A myriad of stars is hidden by each star that you can see in the sky.
bégh -im gátšï =në nervé -t:is
be_black(l2) -3sg.pres plethora -obl.sg =making_up star(l2) -nom.pl
ág -am =ghd(ï) =ínk(ä) =äθ nérä =zë
see(l2) -3sg =2sg.nom =pot =rel sky -obl.sg =on_surface_of
lápä =në nervé -n:as
each_of -nom.sg =making_up star(2l) -acc.sg

The night sky is vast and unimaginable.

Yet it is finite...

and no measure of its size, no matter how huge and incomprehensible it may be, could even begin to compare with the inanimate and unthinking cruelty of a truly infinite void and darkness.